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Florida Retirement System (FRS)

What is the Florida Retirement System?

What is the Florida Retirement System?

Put simply, FRS is a Florida-state-run retirement plan for state and county workers.

As a county employee, you are a member of the Florida Retirement System or FRS.

As such, you have the option of two retirement plans: the FRS Investment Plan and the FRS Pension Plan. Both terrific plans offer important benefits.

Important Considerations

Your FRS benefit may make up the bulk or base of your retirement. Each plan has its distinct pros and cons so what you choose needs to match your individual situation. Here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a plan.

  • How long have you been working at the school system?
  • What is your current and  ideal retirement age?
  • Do you plan on retiring with the school system or move into another opportunity?
  • Are you someone who enjoys active “control” over their investment?
  • Are you more aggressive or conservative when it comes to your money?
  • Do you worry you might outlive your money?
  • Are you someone who doesn’t want to worry about how their money is invested?
  • Are you at a point where you would like to participate in the DROP program?
  • If I wanted to change plans is that possible?

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